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Current Research Projects


  • Examining the effects of post-fire management strategies on vegetation and fuels in conifer forests with altered fire regimes in the Sierra Nevada range of California (with USFS and Asha Paudel).
  • Evaluation of the impact of centralized solar facilities in Florida on panther habitat suitability and dispersal corridors (with Olena Leskova). 
  • Monitoring utilization of restored habitats by juvenile and adult fish species common in the Central Lake Worth Lagoon (with Adam Kobylski). 
  • Spatial and temporal variability in habitat use by bottlenose dolphins and the influence of biotic and abiotic factors in the Indian River Lagoon (with Rachael Greller).
  • Impacts of sea-level rise and climate change on manatee habitat in Indian River Lagoon (with Brittny Aguiar).
  • Habitat use and human-wildlife conflict in a fragmented ranching dominated landscape in the Pantanal wetland of Brazil (with Julio de Souza).
  • Ecosystem and food web modeling in Florida Bay to examine the influence of recreational fishing, climate change, sea-level rise, and Everglades freshwater management on community and population dynamics of estuarine species (with Mason Smith).

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