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The Biogeography Lab in the Department of Geosciences, Florida Atlantic University (FAU), contains all of the equipment necessary to conduct population genetic analysis (with the exception of an ABI 300 or 3000 series DNA analyzer for capillary gel electrophoresis). However, the lab does contain a Biorad PTC 200 DNA Engine for PCR, New Brunswick I-Series Incubator Shaker, Savant Speed Vac, Mettler Toledo XP Series Balance, non-refrigerated Eppendorf microcentrifuge, refrigerated Fisher Accuspin 1R centrifuge, Ultra-low temp freezer (-80ºC), -20ºC enzyme/sample freezer, 4ºC refrigerator, vortexers, Fisher Isotemp Digital Stirring Hotplate, horizontal gel electrophoresis systems, Photo-Doc-it electrophoresis documentation system and UV transilluminator, microwave, Eppendorf Research Series 2100 Adjustable Volume Pipettors, and assorted glassware, plasticware, mortar and pestles etc., and a fume hood just a couple doors down. Following are pictures of the current (12-10-08) lab configuration and equipment.


Other equipment associated with and used by the lab for field research include Dodge Ram king cab truck for towing, SonTek/YSI Flowtracker Handheld-ADV acoustic dopler velocity meter, Marsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 2000 velocity meter, Advanced Telemetry Systems receiver and antenna, laser rangefinder/clinometer, light meter, portable pH meter, dbh tape, dbh caliper, 2 tree corers, and numerous 30 m measuring tapes.

A greenhouse located on FAU's Boca Raton campus is openly available for use by my lab. The greenhouse has fully automated controls for cooling and watering, and we have used it for seed germination tests, growing native and exotic apple snails (Pomacea paludosa and P. insularum), and herbivory studies of snails on Vallisneria americana.


The Department of Geosciences also has a lab and equipment space in T5, which is a building that served as a barracks when the site of FAU's Boca Raton campus was used as an Air Force base. That space is used for field sampling staging, dirty sample processing, and storage for two fully equipped 12 ft kayaks and transport rack system, a 17 ft Carolina Skiff with 45 hp Johnson outboard motor, and a 14 ft Carolina Skiff.

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