Scott H. Markwith, Ph.D.


Curriculum Vitae Link


Ph.D. University of Georgia

M.S. University of Georgia

B.A. University of Mary Washington


Research Interests


  • Ecological Biogeography

  • Environmental Restoration

  • Sustainability and Conservation

  • Human-Wildlife Interactions

  • Vegetation Dynamics and Disturbance

  • Terrestrial, Wetland, and Nearshore Environments

  • Population, Community, Ecosystem, and Landscape Level Analyses

  • Statistical, Spatial, and Ecosystem Modeling

In my lab we study the processes, natural and anthropogenic, that interact and shape the spatial patterns we see in wild populations, communities, and ecosystems and how those patterns can feedback to influence management of human systems. My interests span gradients from terrestrial to aquatic systems, with research experience in freshwater and estuarine wetland ecosystems, such as the Everglades, Kissimmee River, Indian River Lagoon, and Lake Worth Lagoon, the Pantanal of Brazil, in rivers of the southeastern Piedmont, upland forest of the Appalachian and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges, and alpine zones in the Himalaya of Nepal.

Current Graduate Students


Rabindra Parajuli


Ph.D. student, Fall 2019 - Present
M.S. Tribhuvan University

B.S. Tribhuvan University


Rabindra is originally from the Nepal Himalayas. As a part of his MS dissertation, he assessed the nurse effect of shrubs in maintaining community plant species diversity and floristic composition in High-altitude Himalayas. Since his master’s, he is engaged in many researches, both nationally and internationally, in the areas of the plant (landscape, community and vegetation) ecology, soil microbial ecology, forest resource assessment, and sustainable resource management and conservation. For his doctoral dissertation, Rabindra aims to assess plant interactions’ response in high-elevation alpine mountains using temperature manipulations, and various gradients – both natural (elevation, precipitation) and anthropological (wildfire or grazing). He aims to produce a predictive model of how climate change and fire regime or grazing may alter species interaction patterns, modify species distribution and affect belowground microorganisms and above-ground plant species. One of the goals would be to disentangle how interactions shape community assembly and affect the plant diversity-productivity-stability relationships.

Amber Graham-Moore

M.S. student, Spring 2020 - Present
B.S. Florida Atlantic University


Amber is currently involved with the ecological monitoring of the Kissimmee River Restoration Project as an environmental scientist for FAU Center for Environmental Studies in contract with the South Florida Water Management District. She is the lead scientist on the River Channel Littoral Vegetation survey. For her thesis research she plans to focus on hydrological impacts on the vegetation communities of the Kissimmee River Valley.


Heather Smith

Ph.D. student, Fall 2021 - Present

M.S. Florida Atlantic University

B.S. Millsaps College

Heather is developing an ecosystem model of Lake Okeechobee to measure the impacts of habitat restoration and climate change. She is interested in restoration ecology and human-environment interactions, and has conducted research on pesticide impacts on loggerhead sea turtles, wading bird prey availability, and mapped restoration projects and examined predator-prey interactions in the lower Mississippi River.

Lab Alumni

Rachael Greller


M.S. student, Spring 2017 - Spring 2019
B.S. University of West Florida

Employer post-graduation: AEGISS Inc.

Dean Monette (In memoriam: April 12, 1968 - April 7, 2022)


Ph.D. student, Fall 2009 - Fall 2014
M.S. Florida Atlantic University
B.S. Florida Atlantic University

Employer post-graduation: Ecology and Environment Inc.

Stevee Norman


M.S. Environmental Sciences, FAU, Spring 2013
B.S. Florida Atlantic University

Employer post-graduation: EDP Renewables

Olena Leskova

M.S. Florida Atlantic University, Summer 2018 - Spring 2020

Specialist Degree Khmelnytskyi National University
B.S. Khmelnytskyi National University

Employer post-graduation: South Florida Water Management District

Adam Kobylski


M.S. Student, Fall 2019 - Spring 2022
B.S. York College of Pennsylvania

Employer post-graduation: Tow Boat US


Mason Smith

Ph.D. student, Spring 2017 - Spring 2022
M.S. University of North Florida

B.S. University of Central Florida

Employer post-graduation: US Fish and Wildlife Service

Garren Mezza


M.S. Environmental Sciences, FAU, Fall 2012

B.S. Florida State University

Employer post-graduation: Enercon Services, Inc.

Asha Paudel


Ph.D. student, Summer 2017 - Spring 2022

M.S. Tribhuvan University
B.S. Tribhuvan University

Employer post-graduation: Colorado State University, Postdoc